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Kosher Certification Fees

Our fees are set to enable businesses in the Philippines to obtain Kosher certification without undue financial burden.  We don’t charge an application fee nor do we charge for our initial quote and analysis.


  • We never link our Kosher certification fee to your company’s sales

  • We offer a fixed Kosher certification rate when we sign the contract, so you know exactly what it will cost for Kosher certification.

  • We offer flexible payment plans to make Kosher certification sustainable for small businesses.

  • We offer our customers the option to fix our low rates for 4 years. This provides a company with a sense of stability as far as budgeting for annual kosher certification fees.

What are the factors which determine the cost of the annual Kosher certification fee?

Challah Breads

Consultations regarding your manufacturing process and sources of ingredients.  Inspection of documents and records.  Onsite inspection of the manufacturing process.

PHP 200,000 and up

Silver Wine Glass

Annual inspection and consultation to extend an existing Kosher certification for an additional 12 months.

PHP 180,000 and up


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