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About Kosher Cebu

Free Quote

We provide a free quote and initial advisory for your company’s Kosher certification potential.

Rapid Certification

Our Kosher certification services are speedy, while maintaining Kosher standards.

Internationally Accepted

Our Kosher certification is suitable for international export markets. 


Unlike many global certification services, we operate locally and work to understand local needs.

Coffee Factory
Bottles of Olive Oil
Packing Food in Boxes


We provide certification at pricing that is suitable for businesses in the Philippines. 

Qualified Kosher Experts

Our rabbi is a recognized authority on Kosher certification.


We keep your company’s information confidential.


We are absolutely committed to ethical business practices.

Customer Service

We are committed to the highest standard of service.

Cooperative and Supportive

We will do our best to make Kosher certification understandable, and obtainable for your company.

Braided Bagel
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